Friday, October 14, 2011

Brian Topp writes in colouring book

Sun Media's Brian Lilley comments on cartoonist Dave Rosen's latest book on his "Lilley's Pad" blog:
Stephen Harper colouring book cover

I really never thought I’d write about a leadership candidate for the official opposition writing in a colouring book, yet there Brian Topp is writing the foreword to a Stephen Harper colouring book.
Topp is described on the website selling the book following way, “Brian Topp is a columnist for the Globe and Mail and President of the New Democratic Party of Canada. He is currently running for the leadership of the NDP.”
Now while I may find the colouring book funny, and I’ll admit I’ve only seen a few pages, is this something our leader of the official opposition should be doing? If Brian Topp wants to be considered a serious leader and not just an activist then he needs to act like one. Would Canada elect a prime minister that wrote forewords to colouring books that mock his opponents? These are the sorts of  questions Topp and any of the NDP candidates have to ask. They are no longer the fourth party in the House, they are the official opposition and theoretically the government in waiting.

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