Monday, November 7, 2011

Bado as seen by...

One of the great joys of being a caricaturist is to be drawn by great names of the trade.

Jerry Robinson (USA)

Mike Ramirez (USA)
A few cartoonists would mistake me for Guy Cooper, cartoon editor of Newsweek, at some AAEC conventionsSince my badge only identified me as "Guy", I could put on what would pass, to untrained ears, for a cockney accent and get free drinks in the process.

Brito (France)
Ique (Brazil)
Killian (Spain)

Ann Telnaes (USA)  

Sebastian Krüger (Germany)
Antonio (Portugal)

Hermenegildo Sábat (Argentina)

Tignous (France)

Gibo (France)
Kap (Spain)
Laz (Cuba)

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  1. Wow! Those are GREAT!! Hanging out with other cartoonists is just the best. Thanks for sharing these!