Thursday, July 6, 2017

The AAEC 2017 Annual Convention

From the AAEC website.

Cartoon by Matt Davies

The 2017 Annual Convention of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists, hosted by Matt Davies (Newsday) and AAEC President Ann Telnaes (Washinton Post) will be held November 1-4 at Hofstra University in Hempstead (Long Island), New York in conjonction with the Satire & the City: Political Cartoon & Satire Festival.

Thursday, November 2 and Friday, November 3

Our esteemed group will be graciously hosted by Hofstra University for thought- provoking discussions about 
  • Free Speech and Safe Spaces, 
  • the 30th anniversary of the pivotal United States Supreme Court Decision Hustler v Falwell with 1st Amendment attorney Floyd Abrams and Rita Ciolli (who covered the case as WH correspondent for Newsday), 
  • and a must-attend presentation about copyrights and support resources for cartoonists who find themselves the target in legal and censorship situations. 
We’ll also have a panel discussion with New Yorker cartoonists, another with Mad Magazine’s ink slingers and a special panel on women in illustration featuring some stellar NY based artists. 

We’ll cap off Thursday evening with cocktails and a view of NYC from the 9th floor of Hofstra’s library where we’ll have a Cartoons of New York reception with Governor Andrew Cuomo.

On Friday morning Hofstra will bring in local high school students to join us for a presentation by the always engaging Kal and then at noon we’ll board buses to drive us under the East River to the historic Society of Illustrators Club in NYC for a luncheon and a sit-down interview by Signe Wilkinson with the legendary illustrator Ed Sorel

After lunch we’ll head off to the Tribeca Film Festival Loft Space where we’ll see an animation showcase and a discussion about satire during the Trump presidency, moderated by Whoopi Goldberg, followed by a reception. 

Saturday, November 4

On Saturday we’ll take care of AAEC business at our annual members meeting, discuss upcoming convention venues and nominate our next year’s officers.

There will be some free time to explore local attractions an Uber ride away, like Sagamore Hill (T Roosevelt’s summer residence) in Oyster Bay or the eclectic and eccentric Vanderbilt estate in Centerport, but you can also stick around campus to hear the legendary Canadian cartoonist Terry Mosher (“Aislin”) talk about his amazing 50 year career at the Montreal Gazette

AND (if Matt can pull it out of his hat) there might be an afternoon event with a surprise guest and/or event at Hofstra’s John Cranford Adams Playhouse. Plans are still swirling/forming and we’ll keep you updated as things come together!

Saturday evening will be our closing night banquet hosted by Newsday at the University Club on the Hofstra campus. 

We’ll be honoring the winner of the CRNI Courage in Cartooning Award, and this year’s Locher award winner. 

We will also be announcing the recipient of the inaugural Rex babin Award for Local Cartooning. 

New York Senator Chuck Schumer, a raconteur and ardent fan of satire and wit will be our speaker.

Sunday, November 5

On Sunday morning we’ll gather for a Newsday hosted breakfast at the Marriott so we can all stand around and have a good laugh at Matt Davies’s organizational skills.


The AAEC is a professional association representing hundreds of political and editorial cartoonists in the United States, Canada, and abroad.

We work with international groups to call attention to oppression of cartoonists and journalists worldwide, and are actively involved in 1st Amendment and Free Speech issues.

The AAEC has an annual convention every fall to give members an opportunity to meet and debates the concerns of the industry, and invite the public to participate during its concurrent Satire Fest.

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