Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Aislin at 50: The finale of a year-long cartoon celebration

From The Montreal Gazette.

Photograph of silver ring worn by longtime Montreal Gazette cartoonist Terry Mosher.

This is the last column in Terry Mosher’s year-long series Aislin at 50

Starting this week, Aislin will be reducing his output to one original editorial cartoon per week on Saturdays. 

Try doing something consistently over a period of 50 years and you will discover you can’t do it alone. Therefore, the last difficult chore for me to do in this year-long series on my career is to acknowledge so many special and helpful people from over the years. 
That said, with elderdom, you start to forget names first. So, at 75 years old, I hope you will forgive me for probably having left any number of people off this list. 
In no particular order then, thanks to:

Christian Vachon, Kit Masuda, Mike Doole, Gilles and Serge Dubé, Bob Ross, Frank Walker, Paul Krassner, Phil Sykes, Jean-Pierre Fournier, Ian Mayer, Tim Creery, John Scott, John Little, Denis Harvey, Carol Devlin, Sean Devlin, Jean Sisto, Millie Thompson, June Thompson, Serge Chapleau, Duncan Macpherson, Robert LaPalme, Joan Fraser, Don Dolan, Don McGowan, Gordie Brown, Stan Blicker, Harry Anderson, Michael Goldbloom, Hazel Field, Anthony-Wilson Smith, John Curtin, Doris Giller, Jack Rabinovitch, Tom Hansen, Jack Andison, Amanda Stephen, Richard King, Peter Mandelos, Andreas Kessaris, Guy Badeaux, Judy Mappin, Mohamud Togané, Jack McClelland, Jim Duff, Kim McArthur, Pat Oliphant, Ron Eliosoff, Mordecai Richler, George Bain, Dalton Camp, Desmond Morton, George Balcan, Ted Blackman, Brodie Snyder, Ian MacDonald, Donna Braggins, Dennis Dougherty, John Lynn, Patrick Brown, Nick Auf der Maur, Andrew Carter, Terry DiMonte, Dick Pound, Sylvie Houle, Jim Harris, Moses Znaimer, Dave Pinto, Brian Gable, Anita Kunz, Wes Tyrell, Hayley Juhl, Dominic Hardy, Catherine Sarrazin, Yvan Cournoyer, Marian Scott, Bill Brownstein, Nancy and Simon Dardick, John Honderich, Daryl Cagle, Michel Bourgeot, Jay Jordan and Cat, Jaymie Matthews, Jason Rockman, Mark Fabrizi, Dave Sidaway, John Mahoney, Mark Hayter, Robin Hale, Nancy Grant, John Knowles, Dave Bist, Peter Hadekel, Al Spencer, Joanie Hughson, Rick Salutin, Maude Barlow, Marcos Townsend, Tara Durley, Gordon Snell, Maeve Binchy, Pascal Élie, Jacques Goldstyn, Peter Desbarats, Lynn Verge, Bill Lee, Graham Fraser, Barbara Uteck, Charley Gordon, Linda Leith, Phyllis Beaulieu, Sparky, Ki, Figaro, Bob McKenzie, Reford McDougall, Norman Webster, Bob Duncan, Vincent Leduc, Ziggy, Doug Muncey, Ann Telnaes, Pat Duggan, Gaetan Coté, Anna Porter, Charis Wahl, Josh Freed, George Bowser, Rick Blue, Brian Kappler, Rick Renaud, Linda Renaud, Louise Renaud, John Rae, Bob Rae, Andrew Phillips, Dac Nguyen, Catherine Kudo, Alan Allnutt, Edie Austin, Lucinda Chodan, Dominic Papineau, Bill Brownstein, Jim Mennie, Andrew Caddell, Silvia Sorbelli, Sylvie Calder, Warren Creates, the Mosher and Maas clans — past and present — Janet Hughson and my favourite person and partner in all things, Mary Hughson.

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