Saturday, July 25, 2020

New Stuff from Gary Larson

From the Far Side website.

Welcome to, the first official online home of The Far Side! 
Created by Gary Larson, the single-panel cartoon ran daily in newspapers from 1980 to 1995. In those fifteen years, The Far Side went from garnering controversy to becoming one of the most beloved cartoons of its time. 
Until now, it has never been offered online. We encourage you to read Gary's Letter to find out why. (Yes, he is definitely still alive.) offers a deep dive into Gary’s offbeat sense of humor with The Daily Dose, an ever-changing, random selection of cartoons. 
Comic Collections offer a different themed collection of his classic cartoons updated weekly. You’ll also find exclusive, never-before-seen extras such as sketches straight from Gary’s personal Sketchbooks. 

And finally, beginning in 2020, and commemorating the fortieth anniversary of The Far Side, we will periodically unveil new work by the man himself! In truth, we really have no idea what might show up. But, on the other hand, what’s changed?


“The Far Side” Returns to a Weird World in The New Yorker.

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