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"Nineteenth-Century Women Illustrators and Cartoonists"

From Manchester University Press.

Nineteenth-Century Women Illustrators and Cartoonists provides an in-depth analysis of fifteen women illustrators of the later nineteenth and early twentieth centuries: Jemima Blackburn, Eleanor Vere Boyle, Marianne North, Amelia Francis Howard-Gibbon, Mary Ellen Edwards, Edith Hume, Alice Barber Stephens, Florence and Adelaide Claxton, Marie Duval, Amy Sawyer, Eleanor Fortescue Brickdale, Pamela Colman Smith and Olive Allen Biller. 

The chapters consider these women's illustrations in the areas of natural history, periodicals and books, as well as their cartoons and caricatures. 

Using diverse critical approaches, the volume brings to light the works and lives of these important women illustrators and challenges the hegemony of male illustrators and cartoonists in nineteenth-century visual and print culture.

Part I: Natural history illustration, 1855-90

1 Jemima Blackburn 'believed in nothing': horror, religion, and animal illustration - Bethan Stevens
2 Eleanor Vere Boyle's 'fantaisies' and enchanted gardens - Laurence Talairach
3 I 'wander and wonder and paint': the botanical illustrations of Marianne North - Nancy V. Workman

Part II: Book illustration, cartoons, and caricature, 1859-1901

4 The ABCs of Amelia Frances Howard-Gibbon: new views on her manuscript, 'An Illustrated Comic Alphabet' - Margo L. Beggs
5 'A genuine talent': Mary Ellen Edwards - Simon Cooke
6 From London Society to The British Workwoman: Edith Hume's journey to religious domestic illustration via Katwijk and Scheveningen beaches - Deborah Canavan
7 'This woman who predominated in all things': Alice Barber Stephens's drawings of Dorothea in George Eliot's Middlemarch, 1899 - Nancy Marck Cantwell
8 Florence and Adelaide Claxton: frames, doorways, and domestic satire - Jo Devereux
9 Marie Duval: the methods and politics of attribution - Simon Grennan, Roger Sabin, and Julian Waite 

Part III: Illustration at the fin de siècle, 1890-1908

10 Romance fiction, folk tales, and poetry: Amy Sawyer and the Arts and Crafts movement - Kate Holterhoff
11 Eleanor Fortescue Brickdale as a black-and-white artist - Pamela Gerrish Nunn
12 'The great within': the illustrations of Jessie Marion King for Seven Happy Days - Carey Gibbons
13 Working against 'that thunderous clamour of the steam press': Pamela Colman Smith and the art of hand-coloured illustration - Lorraine Janzen Kooistra and Marion Tempest Grant
14 Olive Allen and the graphic nonchalance of the Modern Girl, illustrated - Jaleen Grove

“‘Rational’ Dress”, Marie Duval (1847-90), Judy, June 6, 1883. 

Illustration by Florence Claxton

Nineteenth-Century Women Illustrators and Cartoonists
Edited by Joanna Devereux
Manchester University Press
320 pages
£90.00 / $140.
ISBN: 9781526161697

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