Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Clay Bennett Takes the 2024 Headliner Award

From The Daily Cartoonist.

The Press Club of Atlantic City has announced the winners of their 2024 National Headliner Awards.

The annual contest honors the best print, radio, television and online journalism in the United States published during 2023.

Clay Bennett of The Chattanooga Times Free Press won the Editorial Cartooning category. 

Said the judges:
You know a Clay Bennett cartoon as soon as you see it. His clean, uncomplicated style is both soft and cutting. And his message is always a mix of a 2×4 over your head, a smile, and a sigh. 
The “woke” woman in bed between two newspapers speaks for all of us. Clay is an artist who helps us see how the news of the world impacts our lives in a simple, sadly reassuring way.

The organization has made the Clay Bennett winning portfolio available in a pdf.

Mike Thompson and Robert Ariail were finalists (with links to pdfs of their submitted portfolios).

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