Thursday, November 15, 2012

Batman as drawn by...

...some Comics' superheros.

Batman as drawn by Mort Drucker from Mad.

I don't usually bother fellow cartoonists for autographs or originals, but a Montreal friend, who was then publishing a Batman fanzine, learned that I was attending the 1989 NCS convention in Toronto and asked me if I could get a few sketches for him. The response was beyond my wildest dreams!

Batman as drawn by Sergio Aragones from Mad.

Will Eisner drew The Spirit as Batman.

Batman as drawn by Johnny Hart, creator of BC and The Wizard of Id.

The King as Batman drawn by Brant Parker, illustrator of The Wizard of Id.

A variation on Batman by Arnold Roth of Esquire fame.

A glimpse of Batman as drawn by Bob Thaves, creator of Frank and Ernest.

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