Friday, September 25, 2015

Cartoonists Meet in Caen

From Cartoon Movement.

On September 11-12 and 13, 35 political cartoonists from all corners of the globe came together in Normandy, France, to discuss the future of their profession after Charlie Hebdo.

Every year (this was the 5th editition), World War Two museum Mémorial de Caen invites cartoonists to meet each other and the public. 
This year was special. 
Originally planned for April the meeting was cancelled in February because safety could not be guaranteed
Fortunately, cancellation turned out to be postponement. 
This year, more than any other, a lot of cartoonists felt the urgency reaffirm their commitment to social satire and to freedom of speech.

The entire event was livestreamed; if you want to get an impression of the event and the debates, these streams are available on Youtube here, here and here.

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