Monday, September 14, 2015

"Humour and Tolerance in the Middle of the Earth"

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I will attend, from September 16 to 18, the 2nd International Meeting of graphic humor in Quito (Ecuador) under the theme "Humour and Tolerance in the Middle of the World".

I have been invited by Xavier Bonil and will be accompanied by cartoonists Caco Galhardo (Brazil), Dario Castillejos (Mexico), Daryl Cagle (USA), Bernardo Erlich (Argentina), Pancho Cajas (Ecuador), Pedro Molina (Nicaragua) and Thomas Plasman (Germany).

The inspiration for this meeting predates the terrible events of Charlie Hebdo. However, they demonstrate and reinforce the need to revitalize some issues, including freedom of expression, tolerance and peaceful coexistence, permanent wishes that we must constantly feed. 
Caricature and humor in general are often options that highlight issues that concern us, generates criticism, but also expresses disagreement. We will discuss and debate whether humour is an act of aggression or a channeling of discontent. No matter if we fail to find a final conclusion. In fact the discussion, reflection and express our thoughts and we have won. 
Therefore, the meeting Humour and Tolerance in the Middle of the Earth seeks a reconciliation between cartoonists and university and college students, but also with society as a whole in order to share, reflect and exchange ideas on journalism, humour, caricature and freedom of expression. 
Two exhibitions will be presented within the framework of these activities; an international exhibition at the PUCE Cultural Center and a national one at the
San Francisco de Quito University, with 15 Ecuadorian artists from different media that will honour cartoonists Roque Maldonado and Asdrúbal de la Torre. 
The drawings of seven foreign cartoonists will be exhibited: Thomas Plassman (Germany), Bernardo Erlich (Argentina), Caco Galhardo (Brazil), Guy Badeaux (Canada), Daryl Cagle (USA), Dario Castillejos (Mexico) and Pedro Molina (Nicaragua) as well as those of Ecuadorian artists Pancho Cajas (Carton Club) and Bonil (Cartooning for Peace) on international themes.
Some embassies, institutions and individuals have made possible this international meeting. I thank, for the cooperation they have given to this proposal, the embassies of Germany, Brazil, Canada and the United States for allowing the presence of cartoonists from their countries. Also, the PUCE, the Cultural Centre, the USFQ, the
Quito Chamber of Commerce, the Ecuadorian Association of Newspaper Publishers and Ramiro Crespo. 
 Cartoon by Bonil
Cartoon by Darío Castillejos
Cartoon by Pancho Cajas
Cartoon by Thomas Plassman
Cartoon by Bado

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