Sunday, December 23, 2018

A message from cartoonist Pedro Molina

"Censura" (Censorhip) is misspelled in the cartoon, a recurrent trick cartoonist Pedro Molina uses to show the stupidity of the ruling couple.

There is no Happy Christmas for journalism in Nicaragua. 
Another independent media outlet has been attacked by Dictatorship forces, the same way they did with us at

Last night they stormed the newsroom of independent TV station 100% Noticias and kidnapped their director Miguel Mora and journalist Lucia Pineda Ubau. 
Two more employees of the TV station where also kidnapped. 
This morning Miguel Mora, the director was presented in jail clothing in one of the courts, accused of "disseminating hate" with their journalistic coverage of the crisis (a lie) and conspiring to create terrorism (also a lie).

About her coworker and very well known and popular journalist Lucia Pineda Ubau, they have not given any news nor proof of life. 
It's now more than 24 hours since they took her away (there are witnesses, and just before they took her, she sent an audio message saying they were being surrounded by paramilitary and police). 
Please help us demand freedom and stop the official harassment against journalism in Nicaragua.
Pedro Molina 

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