Friday, April 5, 2019

Cartoonists Rights Wins 2019 Freedom of Expression Campaigning Award

From Index on Censorship.

Winner of the 2019 Index on Censorship Freedom of Expression Campaigning Award, Cartoonists Rights Network International monitors threats and abuses against editorial cartoonists worldwide.

Cartoonists Rights is a small organisation with a big impact: monitoring threats and abuses against editorial cartoonists worldwide.

Marshalling an impressive worldwide network, Cartoonists Rights helps to focus international attention on cases in which cartoonists are persecuted and put pressure on the persecutors. 

Cartoonists Rights tracks censorship, fines, penalties and physical intimidation – including of family members, assault, imprisonment and even assassinations. 

Once a threat is detected, Cartoonists Rights often partners with other human rights organisations to maximise the pressure and impact of a campaign to protect the cartoonist and confront those who seek to censor political cartoonists.

Speech: “Like virtually no other profession the cartoonist makes it their business to remind the citizenry that the emperor is naked”

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