Monday, October 21, 2019

Threats to Freedom of Speech; Is Humor The First Casualty?

The Columbus Metropolitan Club recently posted an hour long video of the panel from Sept. 26 at this year's AAEC convention.

Professionally recorded and produced, "‪Threats to Freedom of Speech; Is Humor The First Casualty?‬" captures the talk between 3 recently fired cartoonists — Rob Rogers, Patrick Chappatte & Nick Anderson — on stage in front of a stunning sunset.

Watch the whole thing here.

"‪Threats to Freedom of Speech; Is Humor The First Casualty?‬"

In the US and around the world, there’s a dangerous trend with newspapers laying off their cartoonists en masse and many cartoonists are turning to online outlets to keep their voices heard and artwork seen.

In September, Columbus hosted the annual convention of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists. 

In association, CMC was pleased to host this special evening event featuring Rob Rogers (Editorial Cartoonist, formerly with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette), Patrick Chappatte (Editorial Cartoonist for Der Spiegel, Canard Enchaîné, Le Temps, and NZZ, formerly of The New York Times), Pulitzer Prize-winner Nick Anderson (Syndicated Editorial Cartoonist, formerly of The Houston Post), and host Tim Feran (Journalist, formerly of The Columbus Dispatch).

The cartoonists discuss the rich history of editorial cartoons that exemplifies the power of creative expression and freedom of speech. 

Satirical, humorous, touching, these unique pieces of artistic commentary lampoon politicians, business and community leaders, and public policy, setting the stage for public discourse.

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