Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Royal Canadian Armed Farces

The decision to restore the "Royal" prefix to both the navy and the air force brought back to mind this 1967 cartoon by Duncan Macpherson:

Defence Minister Paul Hellyer on his way to pass the bill to merge the three branches of the Canadian Armed Forces.

A few favourite cartoons by the Toronto Star great:

 Duncan Macpherson, The Toronto Star, February 14, 1978.

Pierre Elliott Trudeau faces the Provincial Premiers: Bill Davis (Ontario), René Lévesque (Quebec), Gerald Regan (N.S.), Peter Lougheed (Alberta), Frank Moores (Newfoundland), Allan Blakeney (Saskatchewan), Sterling Lyon (Manitoba), Alex Campbell (P.E.I.) and Bill Bennett (B.C.)
   Duncan Macpherson, The Toronto Star, October 21, 1964.

Lester B. Pearson's desire to patriate the Constitution meets resistance from Provincial Premiers.

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