Sunday, May 27, 2012

Save The American Prospect

From Brodner's Bicycle.

Below are some illustrations commissioned recently by The American Prospect.
Prospects for The American Prospect, a great magazine for politics and art, are looking dark. Now is the time for all good artists to come to the aid of their industry. This magazine weds journalism and illustration especially well because of its brilliant art director Mary Parsons. Many of us have worked with her at the Prospect as well as previously at The Atlantic and elsewhere. She understands the power of art and its place in print. As print shrinks we need to insist on a future where some publications can co-exist with web news. This is happening but not across the board. Print needs to survive because it communicates in a cohesive way that is different than on the web or in apps. It is a complete entity, designed with a beginning, middle and end. It has the potential (albeit sometimes unrealized) of being beautuiful and something to treasure, if only until the next issue. Mary and editor Bob Kuttner do that here. The journalism is top flight. Tough issues are explained with clarity and verve.
How can we help this magazine? By caring enough to contribute. The link is here. Please care about this. It's bigger than the Prospect. Bigger than any one of us alone.

Steve Brodner

Tim Bower

Barry Blitt
John Cuneo

Victor Juhasz

Victor Juhasz

C F Payne

Seymour Chwast

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