Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Fine Line: The Caricatures of Anthony Jenkins

Nestlings Press, run by Globe & Mail columnist and Portfoolio 23Portfoolio 24 and Portfoolio 25 editor Warren Clements, has two excellent new offerings by Anthony Jenkins and Philip Street.

A Fine Line: The Caricatures of Anthony Jenkins collects the best of Globe and Mail illustrator Anthony Jenkins’s black-and-white caricatures from his (continuing) career at the newspaper. He is a master of the art, able to produce not only an unmistakable likeness but a keen sense of personality with a few well-chosen strokes of the pen. His subjects include politicians, writers, actors and musicians, Canadian and international.

Here are a few favourites (with comments by Jenkins):

Fidel Castro
If I have a favourite all-time caricature, this might be it. Not too much, not toolittle: an interesting scribble of lines meant to look dashed off quickly and effortlessly, but actually drawn with care.

John Kenneth Galbraith

Rex Murphy
A walking caricature, all exaggeration. Like shooting fish in a barrel of ink.

Virginia Woolf

Audrey Hepburn
This is so unbalanced—a bunch of separate, oversized bits that
shouldn't work as a whole, but does. Sometimes I get lucky.

Copies may be ordered by mail with a cheque – yes, cheque only at this point – sent to: 
Nestlings Press, 119 Spadina Ave., PO Box 252 TORONTO B, Toronto, ON M5T 2W1. 
For each copy of A Fine Line: The Caricatures of Anthony Jenkins, send $20.95. 
All prices include GST. 
Nestlings Press will pay the postage for books mailed to an address within Canada.
ISBN 978-0-9691456-8-4

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