Thursday, May 29, 2014


One of Price's original Droodles serves as the cover art for Frank Zappa's 1982 album.

Droodles was a syndicated cartoon feature created by Roger Price and collected in his 1953 book Droodles. The trademarked name "Droodle" is a nonsense word suggesting "doodle", "drawing" and "riddle."

Their general form is minimal: a square box containing a few abstract pictorial elements with a caption (or several) giving a humorous explanation of the picture's subject.

Here are a few classics:

Mexican riding a bicycle

A smartly dressed elevator.

Four elephants sniffing an orange.

Someone playing a trombone in a telephone box.


  1. Barcelone, le 29 mai

    Je passe pas souvent sur internet...mais quand j'y viens, j'ai toujours des surprises agréables. Tu te souviens surement pas de moi, je travaillais au Vol de Nuit et je passais mon temps au resto a coté, le Prince Arthur (?), on écoutait Tom Waits, encore aujourd'hui hein....
    Ça fait plaisir de te recroiser

    MF, exiled in Barcelona

    1. C'était bien le Prince Arthur. Il a disparu mais le Vol de Nuit tient la route.