Friday, April 17, 2015

Mention in "Power & Influence"

A cartoon I drew for Le Droit was mentioned in the article "Wanted: Political satire, the pure, gritty, unfiltered and critical stuff" in the spring issue of "Power & Influence", included in the current issue of The Hill Times.

John Baird had a long feud with Le Droit newspaper, and wouldn’t do interviews because he had a problem with an image that the paper’s cartoonist Guy Badeaux, aka Bado, drew of him. At the time, Mr. Baird was the Ontario Minister of Francophone Affairs in then premier Mike Harris’ Cabinet and the French-first Montfort hospital in Vanier was slated to close.
 Mr. Badeaux and the francophone community were frustrated by Mr. Baird “throwing up his hands” over the issue, and so he drew the Harris Cabinet as the Klu Klux Klan, except for Mr. Baird, who had a paper bag over his head that read “things could be worse.” Mr. Badeaux says he remembers that Mr. Baird wouldn’t do interviews with the paper for some time afterwards.

Le Droit, December 8, 1999
The issue can be downloaded here.

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