Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Terry Anderson Voted onto Board of Cartoon Rights Network International

From ProCartoonists.

Wes Tyrell, Terry Anderson and Graeme Mackay at the AAEC convention in Columbus, Ohio.

Terry Anderson was recently voted onto the board of Cartoonists Rights, the human rights organisation formed specifically to fight the corner of cartoonists whose life, liberty or livelihood is threatened by governments, corporations and extremists.
CRNI are embarking on a drive to increase their capacity and one of the first measures has been to widen the regional representation on their board.

Here in the UK we are fortunate in that we have not laboured under the perennial threat that exists in the Middle East, the burden of criminal charges that have been levelled against our colleagues by regimes in Ecuador, Malaysia and Turkey or the kind of shocking attacks that occurred in France earlier this year.

Nevertheless, CRNI requires as accurate a picture as possible of the circumstances cartoonists are working in. Any cartoonist experiencing harassment or threat because of their work is more than welcome to contact Terry, in the very strictest confidence of course.

Terry’s presentation for the Scottish Artists Union AGM, “Charlie Hebdo, CRNI & Cartoonists Under Threat”, can be downloaded here.

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