Wednesday, August 3, 2016

World Press Cartoon 2016 Update

World Press Cartoon announced on director's Antonio Antunes Facebook account that, due to difficulties encountered by their major sponsor, the annual event will take a pass on its' 2016 edition. 

The organizers will concentrate their efforts on realizing World Press Cartoon 2017. 

The press release:

The management of World Press Cartoon made due diligence, until the first half of 2016, to secure financing for the 12th edition of our salon. 
As you known, World Press Cartoon entered in a partnership with the Mayor of Cascais, Portugal, and agreed on two editions of the event, in 2015 and 2016.  
The first one took place, at the time and under the conditions established by both partners. 
Unfortunately, our main sponsor postponed a final decision that would have allowed us to launch the call for entries for the 2016 competition.  
At this point, we are sad to announce that there is not enough financial support to hold the event with the standards of quality and the respect of rules that have been World Press Cartoon's trademark. 
Accordingly, for the first time since 2005, the world community of cartoonists will be deprived of this unique rendez-vous. 
We believe that World Press Cartoon's track record proves the commitment of the organization in the defence of our shared values: freedom of the press and promotion of cartooning as an essential component of good journalism. 
Let’s turn to the future! We will keep busy in order to fulfil the indispensable conditions to realize World Press Cartoon 2017.  
We acknowledge the support of all the cartoonists who contacted us with words of encouragement, giving the World Press Cartoon team a strong incentive to continue on the path set out 11 years ago. 
A few years ago, impressed by the spirit of celebration of the World Press Cartoon awards, one of the prize winners made a observation about the visual message of our logo: "Let the idea of a smiling world live!"  
Never before has this call seemed more urgent and clear.

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