Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Mœbius Exhibition in Brühl, Germany

From the Max Ernst Museum website and Paul Gravett's Facebook page.

The Max Ernst Museum in Brühl (about 20 km from Cologne and 25 from Bonn) will be hosting a major Moebius exhibition next September.

Mœbius explored the spheres of dreams and science fiction, using surrealistic techniques such as 'automatic drawing' to create worlds in constant flux.

Utopian architectures and futuristic, crowded mega metropolises meet desert landscapes and shamanistic journeys through space and time.

The exhibition is dedicated to the extensive graphic work of Mœbius and his complex picture stories.

From 40 days dans le Désert B.

Starting from his notebooks ("Carnets"), in which he has focused on basic ideas of his image production, on colored drawings, scenically structured comic sequences, sketches, abstract paintings to popular print graphics spread the spectrum of his drawing art.

'The exhibition with approximately 450 works is devoted to Mœbius’s extensive oeuvre and his complex picture stories.

This exhibition of the work of Mœbius is the result of an exclusive cooperation with Mœbius Production.

Our museum guests can experience the entire spectrum of Mœbius as a drawing genius and the many media facets in the artist's work by means of eight large-format murals that can be digitally animated with the smartphone and the Augmented Reality app Artivive.'

September 15, 2019 - February 16, 2020
Max Ernst Museum
Comesstraße 42 / Max-Ernst-Allee 1
50321 Brühl (Rheinland)
Tel.: +49 (0)2232 / 5793 - 0



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