Monday, August 23, 2021

"Four Anglos Surviving the COVID Apocalypse"


During the week of September 1st to 5th, a comedic stage presentation will be held in Knowlton, Quebec, featuring Josh Freed, Bowser and Blue and Aislin in Four Old Anglos Surviving Covid. 

This production will be illustrated with the cooperation of some 100 cartoonists who have kindly provided their work on the subject.

All major Quebec cartoonists have been involved: Serge Chapleau, André-Philippe Coté, Ygreck, Boris, Pascal, Marc Beaudet, Bonaparte, Serre, Mario Lacroix and Bado.

The play in Knowlton is a test run for a grand opening in Montreal later in the fall, perhaps for several weeks just before Christmas, quite possibly at the downtown Sheraton Hotel. 

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