Sunday, July 18, 2021

Results of World Press Cartoon 2121

From World Press Cartoon.

Gio, "Digital Imprint", Il Mundiario

Italian cartoonist Gio won first prize in the Gag category and the Grand Prize of the 2121 World Press Cartoon competition in Caldas da Rainha.


First Prize: Dario Castillejos, "Greta Thunberg", Mexico.
Second Prize: André Carrilho, "Juan Carlos", Portugal.

Third Prize: Ivan Mata, Queen Sofia of Spain, Spain.

Editorial Cartoon

First Prize: Konstantin Kazanchev, Ukraine.

Second Prize: David Rowe, "Trump riot", Australia.

Third Prize: Becs, "David and Goliath", Argentina.

Gag cartoon

Second Prize: Agim Sulaj, "2020 Year of the pandemic", Albania.

Third Prize: Goran Divac, "Breakfast", Serbia.

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