Saturday, May 7, 2011

Rosemère Biennial of Caricature

The City of Rosemère, north of Montreal, will be holding, on the weekend of May 27-29 2011, the first edition of it’s Biennale of Caricature.
The event will feature exhibitions featuring the work of:
-2000 Pulitzer prize winner Ann Telnaes
-2001 Pulitzer prize winner Clay Bennett
-Le Soleil editorial cartoonist André-Philippe Côté
-Former Journal de Montréal editorial cartoonist Roland Pier
-Nice Matin editorial cartoonist Frédéric Deligne
-Drawings by 19th Century cartoonist Henri Julien from the archives of the McCord Museum
-Le Droit editorial cartoonist Bado, who will also serve as honorary president of the event.
There will also be presentations by cartoon historian Mira Falardeau as well as cartoonists Yves Demers, Ferg Gadzala and Robert Lafontaine.

Ann Telnaes

Clay Bennett

Frédéric Deligne

Do you want to know if it's a girl or a boy?

André-Philippe Côté

Stiffer sentences for neckties wearing criminals...
-Take it off, you dummy!


Tonight, Guy's guests will be Janette, France, Patrice and Véro.
Tomorrow, it will be the other way around!

Roland Pier

Let him send his army, we're "always ready"!

Mira Falardeau

Henri Julien
"La chasse-galerie"

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