Saturday, May 7, 2011

My cartoons in "Portfoolio 22"

Cover drawing by Thomas Boldt (Tab)

The year signaled the end of twelve years of Liberal rule and the arrival of a new Conservative government.

Michaëlle Jean, Rona Ambrose, David Emerson and that guy with the funny name who’s president of Iran would provide fresh faces for caricature and much fodder for satire.
Twelve cartoons depicting Mohamed, printed in a Danish newspaper, would spark countless riots in the Muslim world. 
Canadian editorial cartoonists were naturally drawn to the subject as it could have an impact on their livelihood. 
On a lighter note, you will relive the “beer and popcorn” episode, learn all about the Mulroney tapes, follow our national hockey team to Turin and laugh tat the expense of Chrétien, Dingwall, Pettigrew and Ralph Klein one last time. 
But mostly, you’ll get plenty of George W. Bush’ new friend “Steve.”

Here are my cartoons published in Portfoolio 22:

-Kiss me and the leadership of the Liberal Party will be yours!

Portfoolio 22: The Year's Best Canadian Editorial Cartoons
Edited by Guy Badeaux
160 pages
ISBN: 9781552786086

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