Monday, February 22, 2016

John Caldwell 1946-2016

From The Times Union.

Cartoonist John Caldwell died Sunday after battling pancreatic cancer.

A graduate of the Parsons School of Design in Manhattan, he was a cartographer at the New York State Department of Transportation before moving on to being an advertising illustrator and freelance cartoonist.

He joked on his website about how drawing maps for the state was not the creative outlet he desired.
Caldwell moved on to cartooning, "an even more tenuous means of expression."

His cartoons have appeared in The National Lampoon, Writer's Digest, Playboy, Barron's, The New Yorker, The Wall Street Journal, Reader's Digest and Harvard Business Review.

He had also said he was proud to be one of the "Usual Gang of Idiots" at Mad magazine.

Caldwell also wrote a book in the early 1990s called Fax This Book, followed up by a collection called Faxable Greeting Cards.

His one-panel cartoon, "Caldwell," was also distributed to about 60 newspapers from 1986 to 1989.

Caldwell continued to create and sell his cartoons thru December 2015 until the pancreatic cancer made him too weak to sit at his drawing table at his Ballston Lake home, according to his obituary.

The artist is survived by his wife Diane, a daughter, grandson and many other relatives.


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