Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Clay Jones gets another 30-day Facebook suspension

From Clay Toons.

My cartoon of Dilbert joining the hater lunch bunch at Mar-a-Lago wasn’t my first idea on the subject. 

This was my first idea. But like with a lot of first ideas for a cartoon, I figured it was too obvious and that others would do it. 

Nevertheless, I decided to share it with my readers on social media. It was posted on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Truth Social, TikTok, and Tribel.

The damn thing got more likes, comments, and shares than the better cartoon, but that’s social media for ya. Several hours later, it got me another 30-day suspension.

I discovered this after getting out of the shower. The tab on my computer was set to my email and there was something from Facebook. It was an email about the ban telling me I have 30 days to challenge this 30-day suspension, which I did. 

They may come back in two months, after I’m back, to tell me they got it wrong. How consistent is Facebook? The same cartoon that violated their terms of service is still up on their other platform.

After I posted this cartoon, I was told by several people that it had been done (which is why I didn’t do it initially). But guess what. Those other versions are STILL ON FUCKING FACEBOOK! Hell, I bet Scott Adams is still on Facebook. 


By the way, the Hater Lunch Bunch cartoon got a mention in The Washington Post where I’m also quoted.


Cartoon by Adam Zyglis

Cartoon by Lala Alcaraz

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