Wednesday, October 11, 2023

The Townsie Award 2023

From the ACC website.

Every two years, the Association of Canadian Cartoonists gives out its Townsend Award, otherwise known as "The Townsie", to both Anglophone and Francophone cartoonists whose work stood out during that period.

This year the prize was awarded both to me and Dale Cummings during our convention last week in San Francisco.

About the Townsie Awards

This two part award was initiated by the Association of Canadian Editorial Cartoonists* under President Wes Tyrell (Christopher Tracey) at the 2014 Convention in Havana, Cuba.

The award was named in honour of Field Marshal George Townshend, who took command of the British forces at the Battle of the Plains of Abraham upon General Wolfe's death.

He had held General Wolfe in much contempt and, in drawing Wolfe in caricature, created Canada's first cartoon.

"More disgraceful laxity!", 1759, M1443 © McCord Museum

*The Association of Canadian Editorial Cartoonists has since been renamed the Association of Canadian Cartoonists

The finalists 

Past winners

  • 2020 Graeme Mackay-Michael de Adder / André-Phillipe Côté
  • 2018 Graeme Mackay / André-Phillipe Côté
  • 2017 Bruce MacKinnon / Serge Métivier
  • 2016 Dale Cummings / Fleg
  • 2014 Michael de Adder / Fleg

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