Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Buffalo News Apologizes for Zyglis Cartoon

From The Daily Cartoonist

After catching some grief over this Adam Zyglis cartoon two week’s ago and calling for letters of comment that were published in the Sunday December 31, 2023 edition, today The Buffalo News apologized for running the cartoon.

From Buffalo’s WGRZ-TV: 

The Buffalo News apologized to the Chabad Center for Jewish Life and other members of the Jewish community after publishing a political cartoon that several people called antisemitic.

The Buffalo News published the official apology on Monday, January 8, saying, “We understand better today why that pain exists, and to those we injured, we apologize.”

You can read the full apology published by the Buffalo News linked here.

For those not getting past The News’ paywall the Buffalo Jewish Federation posted the apology in full on their Facebook page: 

The Editorial Board: An apology

A political cartoon we ran on Dec. 26 has caused deep pain to many Jews in our region and beyond. We understand better today why that pain exists and to those we injured, we apologize.

Our failure grew from a deficient attention to history and nuance, not hostility… 

 We are sorry to have caused so much pain.

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