Saturday, April 13, 2013

World Press Cartoon 2013

The winners of World Press Cartoon 2013:  

The Grand Prize winner was Michael Kountouris of Greece with an editorial cartoon of the European Union rescue team.

Editorial Cartoon

Grand Prize: "E.U. Rescue Team", Michael Kountouris, Greece

Second Prize:  Spiro Radulovic, Serbia

Third Prize: "The USA's Greatest Enemy", Greg, Brasil 


First Prize: "Evo Morales" Pablo Lobato, Argentina

Second Prize: "Mandela", Jarbas, Brasil
Third Prize: "Leo Messi", Javier Carbajo, Spain


First Prize: "Economic Crisis Ahead", Saeed - Iran

Second Prize: "Who is it?", Rousso, France 

Third Prize: "Free Woman", Zuleta, Colombia

The winners:

The 2013 Jury was composed (from left to right) of Francisco Puñal (Spain), Ricardo Antunes (Brazil), António Antunes (Portugal), Riber Hansson (Sweden) and Marilena Nardi (Italy).

The trophies were awarded April 12th during a special ceremony at the Olga Cadaval Cultural Center in Sintra.

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