Saturday, October 22, 2022

Kianoush Ramezani wins the 2022 LiberPress Award

From the Centro Librexpression website.

Kianoush Ramezani receives the LiberPress Award 2022 for his courage and decision to denounce religious fundamentalism, totalitarianism; to fight intolerance and dehumanization; to defend women and their freedoms; to ask for the equality of everyone and the respect and application of human rights in the world, but especially in his country, Iran, which has meant that he had to go into exile as a political refugee, putting his life at risk. 

And he also receives it for drawing all these injustices and cruelties, and doing it with wit, harshness and mordantness; because with pencils and inks he can fill with colors and tenderness a world that unfortunately tyrants and imbeciles show us only in black and white, and too often also with the red of blood.

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