Saturday, October 26, 2013

The making of Gerald Scarfe's 'Watch Out, Gromit!'

Dozens of sculptures of Gromit, one half of the highly successful animated series Wallace and Gromit, have raised more than £2.3 million ($3.84 million Cdn) at a charity auction to benefit a British hospital.
I posted an article earlier this month.

Here is a short video of Gerald Scarfe talking about his contribution to the project.

The making of Pixar's 'Gromit Lightyear'

"Gromit Lightyear" by Pixar

Beto Cuevas on his Gromit Unleashed sculpture

Beto Cuevas and "Bromit"

The sculptures mentioned in Beto Cuevas' video:

Vincent van Gromit (Laura Cramer)
A Mandrill’s Best Friend (Vivi Cuevas)

You can see the 80 sculptures here.

The Gromit Unleashed Auction Catalogue here.

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