Thursday, May 18, 2017

Remembering Mexico's Fallen Journalists

From Humorgrafe.

Cartoon by Guillen

Javier Valdez, the journalist who covered the Mexican narco like no one else, was killed in Sinaloa.

He was one of the journalists who most closely covered organized crime in Mexico, trying to prevent stories that he believed deserved coverage from falling into the silence and giving a name to victims destined to oblivion. 

"The daily struggle to cover the narco," he said, was like "supplying pills against oblivion."

Cartoon by Rodriguez

He wrote so that the horror would not be indifferent to the rest. In a guild struck by violence - Valdez is the fifth journalist killed so far this year - his death is far from being the last one.

If a mechanism for the protection of journalists exists in Mexico, why can't it stop attacks and murders?

Cartoon by Kemchs

This Monday at noon a group of men shot him a few blocks from the weekly that he founded, Ríodoce, in his native Culiacán.

He was 50 years old, married and father of a daughter.

Cartoon by Dario Castillejos

Cartoon by Boligan

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