Friday, September 24, 2021

"Aislin's Favourite Covid Cartoons From Around the World"

Originally conceived as a collection of Aislin’s own cartoons on COVID-19, the scope of the book expanded once he saw what his colleagues world-wide were producing.

All the cartoonists - Pulitzer Prize winners and small-town artists alike - donated their work to help raise money for the people and institutions who cared for us during the pandemic. 

Some favourite cartoons:

Aislin, The Montreal Gazette

Antonio Rodriguez, Mexico

Arash Shayesteh, Iran

Angel Boligán, El Universal, Mexico

Bill Bramhall, New York Daily News

André-Philippe Côté, Le Soleil, Québec

David Parkins, The Globe and Mail

Rick McKee, Counterpoint

Siri Dokken, Norway

Ygreck, Le Journal de Québec

Aislin's Favourite Covid Cartoons
Aislin Publications
ISBN 978-0995825529

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