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Graphic Humor Award of the Americas 2019

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Cartónclub, the club of the Latin cartoon, and Fábrica de Cultura AC, in collaboration with the National Autonomous University of Mexico through the Tlatelolco University Cultural Center invite cartoonists, illustrators and visual artists who explore new media, to participate in the first edition of the Graphic Humor Award of the Americas.

Corruption, social movements, violence, gender violence, ecology and migration.

We will reward the most outstanding works of opinion in cartoons, illustration and digital media. This is the first prize in its category that will recognize and encourage the invaluable graphic work of artists, who, in the exercise of their trade, give voice and contribute to the construction of the memory of our continent. 

A well-deserved tribute to those who today see their right to free expression threatened: journalists, cartoonists and other communication professionals. It will can apply to works published in print and electronic media in the American continent during 2018 and until August 5th.


The Rogelio Naranjo distinction will be awarded to the best of the category of opinion drawing that best illustrates the importance of freedom of expression in a democratic society or the challenges faced by journalists and cartoonists during the coverage of events that took place during 2018 and 2019 in the American continent.

• 1st place 3,500.00 USD*

• 2nd place 1,500.00 USD*

The distinction Free Pixels will be awarded to the best of the digital production of opinion through new tools and forms of expression, such as animation, GIF´s or similar manifestations, with a duration of no more than 90 seconds. The works that best capture and give voice to the efforts of civil society will be rewarded, given the challenges they faced in the Americas in 2018 and 2019, in terms of corruption, social movements, violence, gender violence, ecology and migration, among others.


Works that has been published in newspapers, magazines, digital media or platforms recognized by the journalistic profession during the period of the January 1, 2018 to August 5, 2019. 
Works must be registered online by 
The email must include the following information: • Category in which it applies (Rogelio Naranjo or free Pixels).

• For the Rogelio Naranjo category: the image must be attached in high resolution in JPG, TIFF or PDF at 300 dpi and in CMYK format. 

• For the category Free Pixels: you must upload the material to a digital platform and send the corresponding link for download. (Dropbox, YouTube, Vimeo, One Drive, Drive or Icloud). Files sent by Wetransfer or any other platform whose league has an expiration limit period will not be allowed


• Pseudonym • Full name • Brief review (maximum 200 words, including reference links). • Photograph in JPG format in high resolution.

• Email • Address • Telephone (Include long distance key) • Social networks • Media in which you publish or collaborate

• URL, PDF, or JPG of the publication in which appears the work with which they apply to the contest, in case of having been published in print. • General information of the media in which works was published: name, periodicity, address, official page and social networks.

• A letter with date and signature that expressly authorizes the donation of your work, if it is within the 50 selected for exhibition, to the Collection of Political Cartoon University Cultural Center Tlatelolco, UNAM. 


A) Rogelio Naranjo Category: Apply cartoons that were published in print or virtual media, recognized in the journalistic field will be presented: online newspapers, online television, digital magazines, verified social media networks.

B) Free Pixels category: In this category, papers that were published in recognized digital media will be presented: online newspapers, online television, digital magazines, verified social networks of digital media.


Participants must ensure that they meet the requirements indicated in these rules and respect the dates of registration and registration, both in time and form. It is the absolute responsibility of the interested party to verify that the documentation is the one requested in the participation rules and to anticipate any setback before the closing of the call on August 5th, 2019.


Proposals that meet the requirements described above will be evaluated by a committee of specialists. The evaluation criteria are: • Coherence • Creative value and originality • Power of synthesis of concept, news, or idea • Technique / style

THE JUDGE: The jury will be composed of personalities from the artistic field whose trajectory is of international relevance in the field of caricature, opinion drawing, illustration and graphic humor. Their decision will be unappealable.


The presentation of the winners will take place on Saturday September 7th, 2019 in the framework of the Second International Graphic Humor Encounter “La línea de fuego”, to be held at the Tlatelolco University Cultural Center in Mexico City, (www. The official results will be published on Sunday, September 8 in the different print media allies and official social networks of Cartonclub. The winners will be notified via email once the results are made public.


• The jury will select the 50 best proposals, which will be displayed on the website www.cartonclub. com/americas, prior to the announcement of the winners on Saturday, September 7th, 2019, in order to publicize the work and clarify any controversy prior to the awarding of the recognitions.

• The finalist works will be part of the exhibition of the First International Graphic Humor Contest, which will be inaugurated in the framework of the Second International Graphic Humor Encounter the “Line of Fire”, to be held from September 5th to 7th, 2019 at the Cultural Center University Tlatelolco, in Mexico City.

The finalists will be notified via email.


• By entering the works to this call, the author gives rights to the First Graphic Humor Contest of the Americas for use in advertising material, communication, exhibition design and catalog, always maintaining the credits of the author. 
• When applying for this call, participants must submit a letter with date and signature in which they expressly authorize the donation of their work, if selected among the 50 finalists, to the Collection of Political Caricature University Cultural Center Tlatelolco, 


• Each artist can send two works per category.
• The organizers of the contest or their relatives or civil relatives can not participate.
• Any document that is presented with alterations, modifications, amendments or that is falsified, will be grounds for a disqualification immediately. All cases not foreseen in this call, will be subject to observation and resolved by the convening bodies. 

CONTACT: For clarifications or doubts, contact the email:

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