Friday, June 22, 2012

"Cartooning Calamities" at the McCord Museum

Here are a few photos of the "Cartooning Calamities" exhibition at the McCord Museum in Montreal. The complete exhibition can be seen online.  

The exhibition opens with the exclusive cartoons commissioned by the McCord Museum. 
The exhibition is divided into five separate sections: political calamities; major upheavals affecting humanity; death before the end of the world; calamities that never were; and the end of the blue planet.

Blow up of a cartoon by Godin.

Blow up of one of my cartoons (based on a Hokusai print).

Blow up of a cartoon by Chapleau (based on a Géricault painting).

The trials and tribulations of the Montreal Canadians on an interactive screen:

Footage from Global News:

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