Friday, June 1, 2012

Get an original Bill Watterson for $5,500.

From The Daily Cartoonist.

Bill Watterson oil painting of Petey

On Sunday, the Team Cul de Sac auction opened allowing the public to bid on original cartoon art donated by some of the biggest (and smallest) names in comics. Currently the big item – a Bill Watterson oil painting of Cul de Sac character Petey Otterloop is going for  $5,500.
Other notable pieces include a gorgeous piece by Lucas Turnbloom called “Caution: Edge of Earth” – it’s going for $42. Mark Parisi, this year’s NCS Best Newspaper Panel cartoonist, has one called “Cult de Sac” that’s only $22. Editorial cartooning legend Pat Oliphant has six items that haven’t been bid on yet. Dustin Harbin’s “Dill Dreaming” hasn’t had any bids (it’s a fun pen and ink).

All of this said, we’re only three days into a two week auction. The bid amounts are only going to go up so if you haven’t perused through the listings, head over and find the ones you’d like to own and start bidding or tracking. All proceeds go to the Team Cul de Sac fundraising for a cure for Parkinson’s Disease.

Alan Gardner

Here are a few favourites:

Parking Lot, Nate Beeler

The Center of Attention, Nathan DiPerri

Little Neuro's Bed, Patrick McDonnell

Out of the rubble, Patrick Oliphant

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