Thursday, May 26, 2016

70th Annual NCS Reuben Awards

From the NCS website.

L to R, top row: Bruce Higdon, Sergio Aragonés, Mo Willems (Reubens emcee), Jeff Smith, Terry Moore. Second row: David Apatoff, Jenny Robb, Luke McGarry, Matt Diffee, Lynn Johnston, Paul Coker Jr. Front: Jan Eliot, Maria Scrivan, Deborah Peyton.
(caricatures by Tom Richmond)

The 70th Annual NCS Reuben Awards Weekend will take place in Memphis, TN May 26th-29th, 2016.
Here is the speaker lineup and special award winners:

  • Paul Coker Jr.– Recipient of the “Milton Caniff Lifetime Achievement Award”; Speaker
  • Bruce Higdon– Recipient of the NCS “Silver T-Square” for outstanding dedication to the Society
  • Luke McGarry– Cartoonist/humorous illustrator; speaker
  • Jeff Smith & Terry Moore– Award-winning creators of “Bone” and “Strangers in Paradise”, etc.; speakers
  • Maria Scrivan– Syndicated panel cartoonist, gag cartoonist and children’s book author/illustrator ; speaker
  • Jan Eliot– Creator of the syndicated daily strip “Stone Soup”; speaker
  • Matthew DiffeeNew Yorker cartoonist, author, stand-up comic; speaker
  • Lynn Johnston & Deborah Peyton—Creator of “For Better or for Worse” and freelance cartoonist/illustrator; speakers
  • David Apatoff & Jenny Robb —Former cartoonist turned IP lawyer and the curator of the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library; speakers
  • Sergio AragonésMAD Magazine, “Groo”, etc. legend; speaker


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