Thursday, February 2, 2017

Pro Cartoonists leaves FECO

From the PCO blog.

After a great deal of thought by the board of the Professional Cartoonists’ Organisation and through consulting our members, PCO [UK] has decided to leave the Federation of European Cartooning Organisations [FECO] forthwith.

This is a very sad decision, but has been brought about by FECO’s involvement with a Holocaust themed cartoon contest offered by the Iran House of Cartoon, known Holocaust deniers.

PCO cannot allow itself to be associated in any way with holocaust denial.

Perhaps, looking into the future, when FECO reorganises so that it is no longer associated in any way with holocaust denial PCO might apply to re-join. In the meantime PCO intends to maintain good relations with individual cartoonists’ organisations such as France-Cartoon, formerly FECO France. But as of now we do not consider ourselves a member of FECO.

Sincerely, and with regret,

Bill Stott, Chair, Professional Cartoonists’ Organisation [UK]

For and on behalf of ;
The Surreal McCoy
Rupert Besley
Andrew Birch
Steve Jones
Jeremy Banx
Glenn Marshall

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