Saturday, September 24, 2022

Postmedia cuts Monday print editions

From CBC News.

Postmedia Network Inc. says nine of its urban daily newspapers will no longer be printed and delivered on Mondays effective Oct. 17.

The Vancouver SunThe Province, Calgary Herald, Calgary SunEdmonton JournalEdmonton SunOttawa Citizen, Ottawa Sun and Montreal Gazette will all be affected.

Thursday, September 15, 2022

Finalists of the 4th Librex-2022 international competition

 From the Centro Librexpression website.

The ten finalists of the 4th international press cartoon competition, Libex-2022, under the theme “Towards the end of humanity? ", were chosen.

They are, in alphabetical order:

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

New Brad Holland website

From Brad Holland's Facebook page.

Brad Holland has launched a new website which, in addition to the traditional categories of illustration, displays examples of his work organized going forward and backward and frequently sideways.

Sunday, September 11, 2022

Winners of the European Cartoon Award 2022

Fom Fani Blog.

The European Press Prize and Studio Europa Maastricht, founders of the European Cartoon Award, announced the names of the winner and runners-up of this year's edition of the award. 

The first prize was won by the Cuban cartoonist Carlos David Fuentes, for his work "Putin in Ukraine" published by the French magazine Courrier International

The two runners-up are Marilena Nardi (Italy) and Harry Burton (Ireland). Honorable mentions were awarded to Jean-Michel Delambre (France) and Vasco Gargalo (Portugal).

Saturday, September 10, 2022

Extension of the "Au sujet de Sa Majesté" exhibition

The  exhibition about the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II  has been changed to a memorial. 

All summer we had a great attendance, with enthusiastic visitors. Because of this success and with the sad news of her passing, the exhibition has been extended to October 16.

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

"Defending Satire" panel at the MLRC London Conference

From Media Law Resource Center.

Cartoonists Terry Anderson, Patrick Chappatte and Zunar will be joining other panelists at the 2022 Media Law Resource Center Conference in London on Monday, September 19.

Defending Satire in an Increasingly Humorless World

World-wide threats to satirists and cartoonists. Why is satire such a threat to autocratic regimes? How can political satire be defended? 

With Patrick Chappatte (Lebanese-Swiss cartoonist); Zunar(Malaysian cartoonist); Terry Anderson (Cartoonists Rights Network International); Caoilfhionn Gallagher QC (Doughty Street); and Roslyn Mazer (Counsel of Record, Association of American Editorial Cartoonists as amicus curiae in Hustler Magazine v. Falwell)

Friday, September 2, 2022

"Living & Dying in America" by Steve Brodner

Every day, late at night or early in the morning, from March 26, 2020 to January 1, 2022, the political cartoonist and illustrator Steve Brodner would get to work. 

In those midnight hours, he would review the day’s reportage, sit down at his drawing board, and memorialize a singular person or event that played a role, willingly or unwillingly, in shaping that day.

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Boris Cartoon stirs controversy

Bert Archer from The Montreal Gazette

There has been a good deal of outrage over the most recent Boris cartoon published online Monday afternoon and in print Tuesday morning. 

It depicted an elderly lady in Montreal not paying attention while her small dog pissed in the direction of a poster commemorating René Lévesque’s centenary.

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Paul Coker Jr., 1929-2022

From The Comics Journal.

Paul Coker Jr., prolific cartoonist, illustrator, and longtime MAD Magazine contributor, passed away at his home in Santa Fe, New Mexico, on July 23, 2022, at the age of 93.

Monday, August 29, 2022

The New Yorker pays tribute to Sempé


The above, "Morning Music", is Sempé's 114th cover for The New Yorker. The issue features an interview with his widow Martine Gossieaux.

Thursday, August 25, 2022

Filmmaker Gerald Potterton (1931–2022)

From Web Mag.

Buster Keaton and Gerald Potterton during the production of The Railrodder in 1965.

The National Film Board of Canada (NFB) is saddened to learn of the death of filmmaker Gerald Potterton, who died at the Brome-Missisquoi-Perkins Hospital in Cowansville, Quebec, on the evening of Tuesday, August 23, at the age of 91.

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Cartoon in New Brunswick paper causes social media outcry

From Global News.

Cartoon by Marcel Boudreau

A cartoon published in Wednesday’s edition of l’Acadie Nouvelle, an independent French-language newspaper in New Brunswick, is causing a social media outcry.

Marcel Boudreau’s cartoon depicts a caveman dragging a woman juxtaposed with the image of a man wearing a turban carrying a gun, who is using a leash to drag a woman wearing a burqa.

Sunday, August 21, 2022

“You are a racist!" - Analysis of a Twitter storm

From Chappatte Cartoons.

For a few days last June, cartoonist Patrick Chappatte was abundantly called a racist, or islamophobic, or both on Twitter.

The culprit: a cartoon on the anti-abortion decision of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Let’s take a look back at a troubling experience - which tells us a bit about our era of social media.

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Aislin cartoon at heart of discrimination lawsuit in the U.S.

From the Montreal Gazette

A former Delta Air Lines flight attendant is filing an employment discrimination lawsuit, saying she was fired for posting an editorial cartoon on her personal Facebook page by Montreal Gazette political cartoonist Aislin that depicted then-president Donald Trump wearing a Ku Klux Klan hood, CNN reported Saturday.

Thursday, August 11, 2022

Jean-Jacques Sempé Dead at 89

French cartoonist Jean-Jacques Sempé, known for his illustrations of the adventures of Petit Nicolas and his humorous press cartoons, died on Thursday August 11 at the age of 89, his wife, Martine Gossieaux Sempé, announced to AFP. .

He died "peacefully", "in his 89th year, in his vacation home, surrounded by his wife and close friends", said Marc Lecarpentier, his biographer and friend.

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

"World Record Holders" by Guy Delisle

From Drawn & Quarterly.

Universally beloved cartoonist Guy Delisle showcases a career-spanning collection of his work with a sly sense of humor and warm characterization. 

Before Delisle became an international superstar with his globe-hopping travelogues, he was an animator experimenting with the comics form. 

Always aware of the elasticity of the human form and honing his keen observer’s eye, young Delisle created hilarious set pieces.

Saturday, August 6, 2022

Boris Johnson as seen by Christian Adams

From The Guardian.

He’s been a punk, a toddler, a narcissistic sociopath… Christian Adams revisits his most memorable sketch of the outgoing PM, and reveals what lies in store for his successor.

Friday, August 5, 2022

Boris Johnson as seen by Martin Rowson

From The Guardian.

He’s been a punk, a toddler, a narcissistic sociopath… Martin Rowson revisits his most memorable sketch of the outgoing PM, and reveals what lies in store for his successor.

Thursday, August 4, 2022

Boris Johnson as seen by Peter Brookes

From The Guardian.

He’s been a punk, a toddler, a narcissistic sociopath… Peter Brookes revisits his most memorable sketch of the outgoing PM, and reveals what lies in store for his successor.

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

European Cartoon Award 2022 Shortlist

From European Cartoon Award.

The European Press Prize has announced the Finalists of the third edition of the European Cartoon Award, founded in 2019 with Studio Europa Maastricht, to recognise courage and quality in the field of cartooning.

The winner will be announced on September 10 during an event at the PAS Festival in Maastricht.

The 16 shortlisted cartoons, selected from the hundreds that were submitted, will be part of an exhibition at the Beeld en Geluid Den Haag museum in The Hague from September 22, 2022.

Boris Johnson as seen by Chris Riddell

From The Guardian.

He’s been a punk, a toddler, a narcissistic sociopath… Chris Riddell revisits his most memorable sketch of the outgoing PM, and reveals what lies in store for his successor.

Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Boris Johnson as seen by Ralph Steadman

From The Guardian

He’s been a punk, a toddler, a narcissistic sociopath… Ralph Steadman revisits his most memorable sketch of the outgoing PM, and reveals what lies in store for his successor.

Monday, August 1, 2022

The sorry state of political cartooning in Australia

Anthony Funnell for ABC.

Political cartoons have a long and impressive history. The power they wield is not to be underestimated.

Louis XVI lost his head in part because of a series of salacious drawings that undermined the reputation of Marie Antoinette.

Napoleon was said to have counted the British cartoonist James Gillray among his enemies, allegedly declaring Gillray "did more than all the armies in Europe to bring me down".

And in the early 1940s, whenever the great cartoonist David Low lampooned the Führer in the pages of the London Evening Standard, the German foreign office apparently descended into apoplexy. 

Low was put on an SS death list.

Friday, July 29, 2022

World Press Cartoon 2022 (my cartoon)

A cartoon I submitted has been exhibited and published in the catalogue of the 2022 edition of World Press Cartoon, in the Portuguese city of Caldas da Rainha.

Thursday, July 28, 2022

European Cartoon Award 2022 Longlist

From European Cartoon Award.

The European Press Prize has announced the Longlist of the third edition of the European Cartoon Award, founded in 2019 with Studio Europa Maastricht, to recognise courage and quality in the field of cartooning.

The 40 longlisted cartoons, selected from the hundreds that were submitted, will be part of an exhibition at the Beeld en Geluid Den Haag museum in The Hague from September 22, 2022.

The 16 cartoons that made it to the Shortlist will be announced next week.

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Exhibition "Framing the War"

From the Sound and Vision Media Museum.

On July 14, the Cartoon Movement's exhibition Framing the War was opened in the Sound and Vision media museum in The Hague by the director of Sound and Vision and the mayor of The Hague. 

The exhibition is a collection of news photos and cartoons. It includes work by news photographers who stayed in Ukraine during the first 100 days of the war. 

Cartoons were produced by, among others, Vladimir Kazanevsky (Ukraine), Gatis Sluka (Latvia), Tjeerd Royaards (Netherlands) and Emad Hajjaj (Jordan).

Monday, July 25, 2022

Jim Morin Exhibition at the Ogunquit Museum of American Art

From The Portland Press Herald.

When people think of fine art, most imagine an artist fussing for weeks or months over every brushstroke, every subtle color variation.

Jim Morin rarely had that luxury of time.

Over more than four decades as an editorial cartoonist – much of it at the Miami Herald, where he twice won the Pulitzer Prize – Morin estimates he produced north of 10,000 ink-and-pen drawings, almost all of them on a daily deadline.

Thursday, July 21, 2022

National Lampoon Editor Sean Kelly Dies at 81

Richard Sandomir in The New York Times.

Sean Kelly, a wry master of literary and musical parodies who helped infuse National Lampoon with the sharp-edged and often crude humor it became known for, died on July 11 in Manhattan. He was 81.

His wife, Patricia Todd, said the cause of death, in a hospital, was heart and renal failure.

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Hand Drawn Life - The Film

From Hand Drawn Life.

Hand Drawn Life - The Film, directed by Tom Tanquary, is a documentary on the History and Influence of Newspaper Comic Strips.

There's a basis for claiming that newspaper comics were the first real form of American Pop Culture. The comic strips themselves played a major roll in creating the newspaper industry itself. 

They were much more than just humor. They were the pulse of American Culture and an invaluable part of newspapers for almost a 100 years. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Robert C. Harvey Dies at 85

From The Comics Journal.

Robert C. Harvey, a longtime contributor to The Comics Journal and one of the industry’s most enduring, prodigious and personably provocative commentators on comics culture, passed away July 7 at the age of 85 due to complications from a fall. 

For more than five decades, “Happy Harv” helped to determine, and sometimes define, the myriad discourse surrounding comics professionals, fans, teachers and scholars. 

Monday, July 18, 2022

"Poster Man: 50 Years of Iconic Graphic Design"

This collection of over 140 curated posters by the revolutionary graphic artist Seymour Chwast provides context and insight into not only his five-decade career, but the poster genre itself. 

Since founding Push Pin Studios alongside Milton Glaser and Edward Sorel in the 1950s, Chwast’s posters have been widely celebrated for their combination of subversive style and strong political satire. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2022

The CRTC, Pierre Vallières, the N-word and broader principles

Jérôme Lussier in Vaste programme.

As you may have heard, Quebec has been roiled by a rather peculiar debate for the last two weeks: can someone legally say the N-word (in French) when quoting the title of an important political essay during a radio segment on Radio-Canada?

The debate arises from a recent decision of the CRTC, which ruled that uttering the word without proper warnings and attenuation measures was impermissible, even though, as the Board expressly acknowledged in its decision, “the word was not used in a discriminatory manner in the context of the segment, but rather to quote the title of a book that was central to a current issue.”

Monday, July 11, 2022

"Rivers" calls out liberal cartoonists

A critique of fellow editorial cartoonists by "the artist formally known as Cam" draws the ire of Clay Jones.

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Graeme MacKay Celebrates 25 Years at The Hamilton Spectator

 From Mackay Cartoons.

This week marks the 25 year milestone since officially beginning my role on July 7, 1997, as staff editorial cartoonist at The Hamilton Spectator

I had been editorial cartoonist for the chain of Hamilton area community newspapers known as Brabant, and I got my first start as a published cartoonist as a student at The Fulcrum, while attending the University of Ottawa in the late 1980s and early 90s. 

Upon being hired 6000 editorial cartoons or so ago, the Internet was in its infancy, so while all of my cartoons many be found after 2000, ones before then have been added years after they originally appeared in print. 

Many cartoons of major characters from the past quarter century can be found in my vast archives.

Thursday, June 30, 2022

Seth Named Chevalier of the Order of Arts and Letters

From The Toronto Star.

Upon discovering he was to be appointed a Chevalier of the Order of Arts and Letters by the French minister of culture, Canadian cartoonist Seth reacted: “Why me, of all people?” 

It’s pleasing to imagine a scene in which anyone — literally anyone — who has met him would reply with a single raised eyebrow and an affectionate chuckle. Seth is, it is fair to say, a character.

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Great minds...


At the US Supreme Court, at the end of a working day, after an historic verdict on abortion.
Serge Chapleau, La Presse, Montreal, Tuesday June 28, 2022.

Friday, June 24, 2022

Mike Smith and Clay Jones Win Sigma Delta Chi Awards

From the Society of Professional Journalists

Cartoonists Mike Smith and Clay Jones were awarded Sigma Delta Chi awards for Best Editorial Cartooning from the Society of Professional Journalists.  

Monday, June 20, 2022

Irish cartoonist's IPSO complaints dismissed

 From The Irish News.

Veteran Irish News cartoonist Ian Knox has been "completely vindicated", the newspaper's editor has said, after press regulator IPSO dismissed complaints against two of his drawings.

Several people complained to IPSO about cartoons published in The Irish News on May 27 and May 28.

Sunday, June 19, 2022

Winners of the18th Annual Doug Wright Awards

The Doug Wright Awards announced last night the winners for its 18th annual honours, selected from works published by Canadian creators during the 2021 calendar year.

Saturday, June 18, 2022

18th Annual Doug Wright Awards

From the Doug Wright Awards.

The Doug Wright Awards are this Saturday, June 18, at Harold Town Park, 725 Church Street, in Toronto, at 7 p.m. ET—hosted by Richard Crouse! 

You can also watch live on our YouTube channel. The nominees can be found here.

Friday, June 17, 2022

“Watergate: Portraiture and Intrigue” at the National Portrait Gallery

From the National Portrait Gallery.

Jack Davis,1973 Time magazine cover, April 30, 1973

The break-in at the Democratic National Committee offices at the Watergate Complex on June 17, 1972, quickly escalated to become a political and legal crisis that reached the highest levels of the United States government. 

Today, fifty years after the incident took place in Washington, D.C., “Watergate” stands for much more than the burglary itself. 

Monday, June 13, 2022

Stuart Carlson Dies at 66

 From The Daily Cartoonist.

Stuart Carlson, who was the cartoonist for the Milwaukee Sentinel and the Journal Sentinel from 1983 to 2008, died Friday June 10th at age 66.

Ranan Lurie Dies at 90

From Haaretz

One of the most prominent and politically influential Israeli cartoonists, Ranan Lurie, passed away on Wednesday June 8th in the U.S. at the age of 90.

At the height of his career Lurie's cartoons reached hundreds of millions of people, publishing cartoons of hundreds of political leaders in thousands of newspapers and magazines across the globe. 

Cartoon Crossroads Columbus 2022

From CXC 2022.

CXC 2022 Poster Art and Logo by Robyn Smith, Design by Geoff Raker

Cartoon Crossroads Columbus (CXC), the international showcase for cartoon art, is excited to announce its featured guests for the 2022 festival running October 6th to 9th, the organization’s first fully in-person festival since 2019. 

CXC brings the global family of cartoon storytellers, comic makers, and animators together with the people who love and are inspired by cartoon art, and connects them in Columbus, Ohio.

Friday, June 10, 2022

The 76th annual Reuben Awards

From the National Cartoonists Society website.

The 76th annual Reuben Awards will be held in Kansas City, MO on Thursday 15th & Friday 16th September, 2022.

We hope you will join us for captivating seminars from the industries’ biggest names, opportunities to celebrate achievements in cartoon arts, and of course, the legendary NCS parties that you and your peers will talk about for years to come!

Thursday, June 9, 2022

CNN anchor Jake Tapper makes public letter sent to the Pulitzer Board

From the AAEC website.

A few weeks after the AAEC and three dozen past Pulitzer Prize winners and finalists protested recent changes to the Editorial Cartooning category of journalism’s ‘biggest award’, aspiring cartoonist (and CNN anchor) Jake Tapper has written to the Pulitzer Prize Board encouraging them to rethink their decisions. 

Here is the letter Tapper sent, reprinted here with his permission.