Sunday, February 21, 2021

In solidarity with Australian cartoonists, the AAEC condemns Facebook

From the AAEC.

The AAEC joins with the professional cartoonists, journalists and media outlets of Australia in rebuking Facebook and its continent-wide banning of news organizations on its platform, a ban that extends to anyone attempting to share a link to a published article, video or editorial cartoon. 

Friday, February 19, 2021

Pat Oliphant Exhibition at the Norman Rockwell Museum.

 From The Berkshire Eagle.

A new special collection gallery featuring the political cartoons of Pat Oliphant is on view through May 31 at the Norman Rockwell Museum.

Thursday, February 18, 2021

"Selected Works" by Barbara Klunder

 From Barbara Klunder's Facebook page.

Barbara Klunder has just self-published, in a very limited edition, a selection of her work.

Divided in 14 Chapters, the book contains a few stories of the times as well as paper-cuts, illustrations for the BamBoo bar on Queens street in Toronto, posters, book and album covers as well as fonts design. 

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Alan King 1947-2021


It is with great shock and sadness that I learned of the passing last night, at St. Michael’s hospital in Toronto, of Alan King, former editorial cartoonist at The Ottawa Citizen.

Born in 1947 in Belfast, Ireland, he immigrated, at the age of 2, with his family to Canada. He studied classical music as a child and at university.

Thursday, February 4, 2021

"A National Insanity: 75 Years of Looking for Nina"

 From the Al Hirshfeld Foundation.

75 years ago, Al Hirshfeld began to hide his daughter’s name, NINA, in the designs of his drawings when she was born in 1945.

According to the artist he put it "in folds of sleeves, tousled hairdos, eyebrows, wrinkles, background, sholaces - anywhere to make it difficult, but not too difficult to find." 

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Le Monde's cartoonist Plantu to bow out after 50 years

 From France 24.

-I must not draw the prophet Mohammed

Plantu, the celebrated cartoonist of France's daily Le Monde announced last Friday that he would soon leave the paper after half a century of mocking the elite in his country and elsewhere with his bitingly acerbic drawings.

The departure on March 31 of Plantu -- who has championed cartoons as a bastion of free expression -- comes as a freedom of speech debate is raging both at the venerable paper and in France.

Monday, February 1, 2021

The Xavier Gorce Controversy

 From Cartooning for Peace.

If I was abused by the adoptive half-brother of my transgendered father's companion who became my mother, could we label it incest?

Online controversy, public apology and resignation: the collaboration between cartoonist Xavier Gorce and the newspaper Le Monde comes to an end.