Sunday, February 21, 2021

In solidarity with Australian cartoonists, the AAEC condemns Facebook

From the AAEC.

The AAEC joins with the professional cartoonists, journalists and media outlets of Australia in rebuking Facebook and its continent-wide banning of news organizations on its platform, a ban that extends to anyone attempting to share a link to a published article, video or editorial cartoon. 

The background to these actions by Facebook is recently passed legislation which requires tech corporations like Google and Facebook to pay Australian news services for the content published on social media. 

Facebook wants all the perks of being a publisher without the responsibilities, and has long profited from the hard work of the news media. 

Cartoonists and other content creators are all too familiar with self-serving requests from those seeking free work with promises of “exposure” for payment. 

The Australian legislation is pioneering and desperately needed, and the AAEC condemns Facebook’s efforts to punish news organizations and block freedom of the press.

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