Friday, August 18, 2017

"The First and Only Book of Sack"


For 36 years, Steve Sack has summed up community outrage, national tragedy, and political foibles by putting pen to paper. He is the venerable editorial cartoonist for the Star Tribune.

As part of the Star Tribune's 150th anniversary celebration, Sack is releasing a book showcasing some of the thousands of cartoons he's created over the years.

 It's a body of work that earned Sack the Pulitzer Prize in 2013.

"The First and Only Book of Sack: 36 Years of Cartoons for the Star Tribune" covers Sack's career from the Reagan era through the current presidency of Donald Trump.

While Sack says he typically has several ideas each day, these past few months have been "A fire hose of crazy," meaning non-stop ideas for his daily panel - only one of which will make the cut on the Star Tribune's editorial pages.

The book comes out August 17th. You can purchase it through the Star Tribune's Shop site.

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