Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Tomi Ungerer in The New York Times

From Tomi Ungerer's website.

How soon, darkness at noon. ©Tomi Ungerer, 2017

The New York Times
recently asked Tomi Ungerer, and a variety of other artists, to reflect on the year that’s been for their Turning Points magazine. 

The magazine explores what critical moments from this year might mean for the year ahead; Ungerer’s contribution reflects on the ongoing destruction of our environment, and the tipping point that 2017 has been for social and environmental crises:

“To be a realist today means to be a prophet of doom. Apprentice sorcerers have changed the world. Nature has been raped beyond repair. We are at the brink of a new age, of darkness at noon. With children condemned to survive, let us salvage enough bare essentials to promote respect and good will. Don’t hope — cope!” -Tomi 

See Tomi’s feature on the New York Times website, here.

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