Thursday, January 21, 2021

Cartooning the Trump Years: The View from Opposing Political Planets

 From Politico.

Corrupt villain or mistreated hero? Liberal and conservative Americans saw two very different Trumps—and so did North American cartoonists.

Editor of Politico’s Cartoon Carousel, a weekly compilation of cartoons from across the political spectrum, Matt Wuerker has seen the hardening of these divides in real time. 

As liberal cartoonists sketched Trump's presidency as a mounting series of horrors, their counterparts on the right turned the celebrity businessman into a kind of crusading folk hero.

You will find in this article examples of diverging views on the following subjects: The Inauguration, Trump and Russia, Charlottesville, Syria, Trade Wars, Trump and Kim Jong Un, Brett Kavanaugh's Nomination, The Mueller Report, The Wall, Immigration, Fake News, Impeachment, Covid, George Floyd Protests, A Racial Awakening, The 2020 Election, The Election Aftermath and The Capitol Riot.

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