Monday, May 24, 2021

My Top 10


"The Third World" was drawn on May 21, 1979. This version dates from November 28, 1985.

To mark my 40th anniversary at Le Droit, the newspaper published my ten favorite drawings on its website.

An updated version of a drawing originally published on January 7, 1983 which appeared on the cover of my book "Today's Youth" and won the National Business Writing Award that year.

An updated version of a drawing I created on January 11, 1980 for the environmental group SVP.

"One day, my son, all this will be yours!" was inspired by an Aboriginal sit-in on Victoria Island and was published on September 22, 1988.

"Bourassa clarifies his position" was created on February 7, 1991 and won the National Newspaper Award that year.

This drawing, published on December 8, 1992 in Le Droit, was also printed on a giant postcard and presented to Canadian soldiers in Yugoslavia and was certified in the Guinness Book of Records.

This drawing was published on May 23, 1997 following a demonstration in front of Parliament by women asking for the right to go topless in public. The original cartoon was acquired by the mayor of Ottawa, Jacqueline Holzman.

The original version of this drawing was published in Le Droit on August 19, 1983 when mortgage rates were around 20%.

The original version, with 4 characters, of this drawing was published in Le Droit on March 14, 2003. This version was used as a poster for the 2007 Week of Actions Against Racism campaign. 

This pastiche of the creation of Adam by Michelangelo was created on July 30, 1994 and was used to illustrate an article about AIDS in Canadian Forum.

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