Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Robert C. Harvey Dies at 85

From The Comics Journal.

Robert C. Harvey, a longtime contributor to The Comics Journal and one of the industry’s most enduring, prodigious and personably provocative commentators on comics culture, passed away July 7 at the age of 85 due to complications from a fall. 

For more than five decades, “Happy Harv” helped to determine, and sometimes define, the myriad discourse surrounding comics professionals, fans, teachers and scholars. 

His contributions include seminal works of history and criticism; a number of landmark interviews and biographies of leading creators including Milton Caniff, Charles Schulz, Bill Watterson and Aaron McGruder; and a wide variety of edited collections, archival compilations and curated exhibits. 

All told, Harvey leaves behind an unequalled oeuvre of thousands of separately published articles, blog posts, columns, prefaces, commentaries and small-press pamphlets spanning every facet of cartooning and comic books. 

Aside from his voluminous writings, those who were fortunate to know him personally are especially saddened by the loss of his uniquely witty repartee, enthusiastic opinions on art and culture, and his eternally perspicacious perspectives on the comics multiverse.

The Art of the Comic Book was one of several tomes featuring Harvey's own cover art.

R.C. Harvey was very well-regarded by his peers, fans and fellow funny men. 

His awards and accolades are considerable, including the 2013 Association of American Editorial Cartoonists’ Ink Bottle Award and the 2018 San Diego Comic-Con International Inkpot Award for contributions to the world of comics.

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