Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Boris Johnson as seen by Ralph Steadman

From The Guardian

He’s been a punk, a toddler, a narcissistic sociopath… Ralph Steadman revisits his most memorable sketch of the outgoing PM, and reveals what lies in store for his successor.

I haven’t drawn Boris much, I didn’t particularly want to. But with a drawing you can do something, without having to explain it. 
This appeared on the cover of the Big Issue when he was campaigning to be prime minister in 2019. There’s a sort of collage under his collar, with horror images of starvation. 
Anyone who’s been to Eton has a privileged life, and can’t be completely understanding of ordinary people. 
Boris doesn’t take their problems seriously. I wanted people to think about whether they wanted a compassionate leader, or someone who is just a “fun guy”.

I gave him a pair of half-hearted horns. One is a horn, the other is more like a growth coming out of his head.
They are an expression of the thoughts in his brain. I wanted this head of Boris to look like an explosion. He’s also looking to the side, looking very shifty. I bet he’s wondering if he can break the law, again.

A while ago I decided to move on from focusing on politics. I probably won’t draw Rishi Sunak,
I don’t know that it will be worth it. Fifty years ago I wanted to change the world for the better; now it’s worse than it was when I started. 
At the moment I’m working on a Ralphabet. It’s an alphabet made up of imaginary animals. 
More fun than politics.

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