Thursday, November 9, 2023

Ramirez cartoon pulled from The Washington Post

From The Print.

The Washington Post's Opinion Editor put out a note saying he 'regrets' approving cartoon by two-time Pulitzer winner Michael Ramirez depicting use of human shields by Hamas.
Weeks after The Guardian sacked a long-serving cartoonist over a cartoon of Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, another cartoon published by a Western newspaper has sparked a fresh controversy, prompting an apology from its Opinion Editor.

The cartoon by two-time Pulitzer winner Michael Ramirez invited sharp reactions from many journalists, academics and regular readers of the American daily who termed it “racist” and “derogatory”.

The Washington Post’s Opinion Editor David Shipley shared a selection of responses from readers, most of whom condemned the cartoon.

One reader, Philip Farah — co-founder and board member of the Palestinian Christian Alliance for Peace — wrote to the newspaper saying that even if the cartoonist intended to illustrate that Hamas uses civilians as cover, he “unintentionally put his finger on the reason Israel’s response is indefensible: …murdering all the children just to get the bad guy”.

Critics like Pakistani writer and columnist Fatima Bhutto called the cartoon “anti-Muslim”, “racist” and a “disgrace” while Owen Jones, a columnist for The Guardian, described it as “racial dehumanisation” of the residents of Gaza.


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