Wednesday, December 6, 2023

U.K. Political Cartoonists of the Year 2023

From The Daily Cartoonist.

Ellwood Atfield with The Political Cartoon Society and the Professional Cartoonists’ Organisation hosted the awards which were presented on December 5, 2023.

Winner of The Low Trophy (Political Cartoonist of the Year)

Patrick Blower, The Telegraph, February 7, 2023

Winner of The Strube Spoon (Runner Up, Political Cartoonist of the Year) is Steve Bell.

Winner of The Gillray Goblet Award (Winner, Political Cartoon of the Year) is Christian Adams.

Winner of The Tenniel Tankard Award (Runner Up, Political Cartoon of the Year) is Graeme Bandeira.

Winner of The (newly named) Tony Husband Award (Gag Cartoon) is James Mellor.

Winner of The Mel Calman Award (Pocket Cartoon of the Year) is Zoom Rockman.

Winners of The Osbert Lancaster Awards (Pocket Cartoonist of the Year) are Nick Newman, Jeremy Banx, and Tony Husband.

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